2010 CMT and CAPT scores look good

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Scores for the 2010 Connecticut Mastery Test and the Connecticut Academic Performance Test were released last week by the state’s Department of Education. In Berlin, school administrators said students continue to perform well — for the most part at or near the top of their economic reference group.

“We saw increases in all areas of the CAPTS,” said Assistant Superintendent Brian Benigni. The CAPT, is a state-mandated standardized test administered by the Connecticut State Board of Education that all public school students in Connecticut take in March of their tenth grade year.
According to data supplied by Janet Parlato, assistant principal at Berlin High School, writing scores were up 9.6 points — with 77.2 percent of students at or above goal — likely the highest writing score, to date.
In other subjects: math scores were up 4.9 points, with 65.9 percent of students at or above goal; science scores were up 5.8 points, with 52.4 percent of students at goal; reading scores were up .4 points, with 61.2 percent of students at or above goal.
The CMT is administered to Connecticut students in grades four, six and eight. There are five levels of performance: advanced, goal, proficient, basic, and below basic.
Benigni said overall students maintained a strong percentage reaching goal or above. Within that ranking, typically 50 percent or more fell within the advanced designation.
Within Berlin’s ERG (25 towns), students performance was “very strong” he said, particularly for eighth grade where, for students reaching goal, they placed second in their ERG in math and writing and third in reading for those reaching goal.
Overall, Berlin typically is in the upper fourth of its ERG in the percentage of students reaching goal, Benigni said.

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